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Forming the Second Polish Republic, it proceeded to carve out its borders from the territories of its former partitioners.

In the wake of the Polish advance eastward, the Soviets sued for peace and the war ended with a ceasefire in October 1920.Poland, its territory a major battle-ground during the First World War, lacked political stability; it had won the difficult conflict with the West Ukrainian National Republic by July 1919 but had already become embroiled in new conflicts with Germany (the Silesian Uprisings of 1919 to 1921) and with Czechoslovakia (January 1919).Revolutionary Russia, meanwhile, focused on thwarting counter-revolution and the intervention by the Allied powers (1918 to 1925).By 1919, Polish forces had taken control of much of Western Ukraine, emerging victorious from the Polish–Ukrainian War.The West Ukrainian People's Republic, led by Yevhen Petrushevych, had tried to create a Ukrainian state on territories to which both Poles and Ukrainians laid claim.

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