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(4) Comment/reply submissions will not be published. (8) Non-kpop idol submissions will not be published. (7) Text submissions must be submitted anonymously.Where the problem comes from is the tone and implication of the song “Our Secret”.If Telisha has any respect for JYJ, she should have been wiser in her choice of lyrics as it would be an instant assumption that she is referring to Junsu in the song.As anything beyond friends, they would be consenting, yet unwise adults.

The photos below were taken on November 27, December 23 and 24, 2015.Editor’s Note: 110613 Telisha Shaw/ Telisu’s “Our Secret” I am posting this song for evaluation in reaction to the controversy that could easily get out-of-hand concerning whether our Junsu and Telisha Shaw have a relationship beyond the stage of the JYJ concerts.As friends and performers, they have every right to a relationship.The song itself is extremely trite; immature; suggestive, and, I’m sorry sweetheart, not the best musically.Including references to the crew room, to LA, and to an Austin Martin infer that the person is a part of the show, and has means.

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