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HOLLY Willoughby was told off by John Boyega live on This Morning after she gave away a big Star Wars spoiler - 24 hours before the film is released.She was interviewing the actor, who plays Finn in The Last Jedi, with Phillip Schofield today when she made the blunder. Holly.” As Holly, 36, looked worried, he continued: “You can’t tell the fans exactly what happens! Man, I can’t reveal that.” Phil tried to save Holly and added: “Maybe Yoda isn’t back?Instead, Osteen told his thousands of parishioners the hurricane had been part of a divine plan, and that 'God knew that Houston could handle the hurricane.''Scripture says you will go through the flood but you will not drown,' he added.

He explained: “Gwendoline has a Mohammed Ali reach and her speed is actually ridiculous.Speaking to John from his hotel, Holly asked him: “Fans will be happy Yoda is back! ” Holly insisted the information was out there but John, 25, wasn’t having any of it. Maybe it was just a short alien.” John laughed and said: “Maybe it was me on my knees.” Fans of the franchise slammed her on Twitter for giving away the spoiler, with one writing: “Holly Noooooooo!You may have given away a massive spoiler for the new #Star Wars on #thismorning, and I was doing so well avoiding the spoilers! deffo just dropped a masssssssive star wars spoiler #thismorning.” A third wrote: “Massive #starwars spoiler on #This Morning well done @hollywills.', is the third one, as the lions died of starvation Answer one is that the island was still there, just undiscovered, while number two is a window, number three is the third room as the lions couldn't survive without food, the fourth answer is Mount Rushmore, while the fifth riddle's answer is your left hand.As the Manchester Evening News reported, he wrote on Facebook: 'My son’s grandma had spent a while helping him with his homework and most of it was straightforward but this one question left her stumped.

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