Skyscrapers and brassieres online dating

Well, that’s only half right: the sexy panties belonged to a man.

The bras, on the other hand, prove that even during the medieval era, women did not have to rely solely on breast-bands.

Although at first glance, it doesn’t appear to be the tallest building in the city, when the spires on top are taken into account, it is.

It is the first building in the Station Lands project. Calgary, Alberta Height: 236 m / 774 ft Floors: 58 The Bow is an office building that houses Encana Corporation and Cenovus Energy.

“As you can imagine each climb is challenging since you have to be very precise and careful.

Here are some of the tallest buildings across Canada’s major cities. This 62-story tower contains a 5-star hotel in the first 15 floors, and a condominium consisting of the rest. Edmonton, Alberta Height: 149 m / 490 ft Floors: 28 Epcor Tower is an office tower in Edmonton, Alberta.Oleg proves he has a head for heights by walking along the edge of the massive structure with a camera stapped to his skull.The horrifying point-of-view footage is almost too hard to watch.The more than 2,700 textile fragments included linen shirt scraps, underwear—and what looked like modern bras, complete with distinct cups and decorative lace.At first, archaeologists were skeptical because there was no other proof that bras with cups existed before the 1800s.

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