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It’s the only potential for a cure.’She says greater awareness of pancreatic cancer is vital.Those with cancer located in the body or the tail of the pancreas (like Wendy’s) are unlucky because the tumour is so deep-seated there are no symptoms.‘People with cancer at the head of the pancreas stand a better chance of survival,’ she explains, ‘because the tumour starts to squeeze the bowel, creating symptoms such as stomach and back pain, a change in bowel movement and jaundice.Ross Carter, consultant pancreatic surgeon at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, explains: ‘Common symptoms of pancreatic cancer are indigestion, early fullness on eating, fat intolerance, alteration in bowel habit, unexplained weight loss and/or diabetes in a thin person.’For now, Wendy says she is simply happy to spend time at home with friends and family. You know when people see a bridal car, they will naturally want to look at the bride [sic],' Juli said.'One thing I feel should have occurred was a speech from the couple... Why the emcee role must use the restaurant staff?!? I'm not ethnocentric hor, but it's not like the couple doesn't have friends what [sic]!Major risk factors for the disease include smoking, obesity and diabetes.

Ya the one with the green grass at the front of the car.

Popular Singapore blogger, Juli 'Bun Bun', decided to live blog a family friend's nuptials to her fans, tearing apart each element of the day as it unfolded - from the gown style to the seating arrangements.

After comparing the couples' car to her own wedding vehicle, she then continue to share the emerging issues with seating, explaining how the parents of the bride and groom were fighting over the tables and how people had to be uninvited.

The average life expectancy for patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer is three to six months.

Ninety per cent of patients are referred to specialists too late for surgery; only 3 per cent survive to five years. A bad fall while playing tennis that weekend had left her concussed, with a painful lump on her head, so she considered cancelling the appointment. ‘My girls have been amazing — so kind and strong and supportive.

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