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If the demonic flavor, the at-will magic or something else entirely about the Warlock interests you, hang on because we get a long road ahead of us.

In this handbook, we plan to explore all the options available to Warlocks.

This guide came up from an idea to compile various thoughts about Warlocks, since it has been spread out between various guides around the various optimization communities.

Jaron K has Warlocks at tier 4, which is something I disagree with.

The tier system is unlikely to get updated ever again and should only be considered as rough guidelines anyway, but do notice that I strongly think Warlock stands quite firmly at tier 3, above the Duskblade and the martial adepts but below Beguiler.

The first question you must ask yourself regarding Warlocks is this - do you want the extra damage output from melee or not?

Between high damage output and his invocations, a Warlock is more versatile than any initiator and even the Duskblade.

To me, the Warlock fits perfectly the definition of tier 3.

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There have been plenty of accusations of bias towards the tier system, but I really don't think this is a case of such.

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