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Ramsay looked on wide-eyed as sunken-eyed septuagenarian Samy lied about the provenance of the ravioli, pocketed the waitresses' tips and couldn't tell Amy things were less than perfect, even as she fired a waitress for asking "Are you sure? He learned that they'd managed to lose over 100 staff in a year. The trouble with makeover shows is that the most memorable episodes are often the ones that fail, or end in insult.

Any negative words about the food were met by Amy's grown-up riposte: "People usually love it. One thinks fondly of What Not to Wear, the new clothes show starring Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine, which worked best when the frumps, steered onto the show by "friends", talked back to Trin and Suze and told them to eff off.

I might add that it also makes it easier to tidy up as you go along, another great skill that professional kitchens have taught them go stale.

your diners, be they friends or family, won’t be expecting Michelin-quality cooking (if they are, they’ll be sorely disappointed round at mine), but they can still be among the most demanding people to cook for, never afraid to tell you So what do they and you want from home cooking?That’s the first question to ask, and I think my answer is probably the same as it is in every house.With a busy family – there’s me and Tana and our four children, Megan, Jack, Holly and Tilly – I want to be able to provide healthy food throughout the day, from breakfast to dinner, as quickly and efficiently as possible.Get your ingredients out, prep the vegetables, have all your pans ready and in easy reach.Not only will it make your cooking more efficient, it will also make it far less stressful.

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