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Despite previous failed attempts, the three are determined to stay awake all night and witness the sunrise, but Principal Hader tries everything she can to make them go to sleep, so that she won't have to deal with the children.

Meanwhile, CJ's parents unsuccessfully try to break into the school to give CJ her retainer, despite the fact that the school's doors will not open until the next morning.

The series first aired November 11, 2014, with an hour-long pilot.

The series began its regular schedule on June 6, 2015, with the third episode, after the second episode aired on May 30, 2015, as a "sneak preview".

So, the teachers hunt him down and try to get him to give them the bag.

In Nickelodeon’s 100 THINGS TO DO BEFORE HIGH SCHOOL, Saturdays at 8 PM, three middle-school friends work on accomplishing the above. Owen Joyner plays Crispo Powers, lifelong friends with CJ Martin (Isabela Moner) and Fenwick Frazier (Raheem Toombs).

CJ loses her flour baby and she enlists Fenwick and Crispo's help to help her look for it.

Mindy volunteers to help Crispo take care of his flour baby and he eventually agrees, since he wants to beat Fenwick.

Meanwhile, Fenwick builds a robot that is beaten by Mindy's better robot.

Crispo tries multiple things to impress one of the judges, but repeatedly fails.

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