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Occasionally a very tiny parish church may actually be too small to accommodate all the guests at a large wedding, and permission is obtained to have the wedding in a different, bigger Catholic parish church.

A wedding ceremony entails the conferral and reception of a sacrament.In other words, they want to observe the canonical form for marriage, but in a different physical place. Canon 1118.1 states that a marriage between two Catholics, or between a Catholic and a baptized non-Catholic, is to be celebrated in the parish church, although permission can be granted for it to be held in a different Catholic church or chapel.If two Catholics wish, for example, to be married in a Catholic ceremony not in the parish church, but in the Catholic chapel on their college campus, the bishop can-and in practice, frequently does-approve their request.“In their preparation for marriage, the couple should be encouraged to make the liturgical celebration a profound personal experience and to appreciate the meaning of each of its signs.” – Pope Francis, When a Catholic marries an unbaptized person or a person preparing for baptism (a catechumen), the following form of the wedding ceremony is used.While the marriage will not be a sacrament (since that requires both bride and groom to be baptized), it will be a valid Catholic marriage as long as the couple has received permission from the local bishop.

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The two spouses are Catholics, and they want to have a Catholic wedding ceremony, performed by a Catholic priest.

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