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If set to -1, a default level of compression will be used.

additional arguments to be passed directly to the Microsoft R Services Compute Engine. An example is a variable named , where K is the number of categories.

The stack-like behavior can be seen in the following example: .

A closure is an expression (typically a function) that can have free variables together with an environment that binds those variables (that "closes" the expression).

Such a function can be anonymous; it does not have to have a name. A method is a function that is a property of an object.

Read more about objects and methods in Working with objects. Defining the function simply names the function and specifies what to do when the function is called.

There are often cases where a function needs to be called dynamically, or the number of arguments to a function vary, or in which the context of the function call needs to be set to a specific object determined at runtime.

A function defined inside another function can also access all variables defined in its parent function and any other variable to which the parent function has access.

See also the exhaustive reference chapter about Java Script functions to get to know the details.

A function definition (also called a function declaration, or function statement) consists of the Primitive parameters (such as a number) are passed to functions by value; the value is passed to the function, but if the function changes the value of the parameter, this change is does not reflected globally or in the calling function. a non-primitive value, such as function my Func(the Object) var mycar = ; var x, y; x = mycar.make; // x gets the value "Honda" my Func(mycar); y = mycar.make; // y gets the value "Toyota" // (the make property was changed by the function) While the function declaration above is syntactically a statement, functions can also be created by a function expression.

To recode a categorical or factor variable into a continuous variable within a formula use ### # Example 1: Recoding levels in alphabetical order ### # Use the 'warpbreaks' data frame found in the 'datasets' package # Note that the 'tension' factor variable has levels that are not # alphabetically ordered.

Functions are one of the fundamental building blocks in Java Script.

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