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When a Mughal officer from Allahabad, the Pathan Mohammad Khan Bangash, invaded Chhattrasal's kingdom during 1727-28, Chhattrasal sent a secret message, seeking help, from Bajirao I, who happened to be on a military campaign in the vicinity of Bundelkhand. In gratitude, Chattrasal gave Bajirao his daughter Mastani, and a third of his kingdom, including Jhansi, Sagar and Kalpi as well as 33 lakh gold coins to Bajirao.Mastani lived for some time with Bajirao at his palace of Shaniwar Wada in the city of Pune.The palace's north-east corner held Mastani Mahal and had its own external doorway called Mastani Darwaza.However, the most accepted and conclusive version is that she was the daughter of Chhatrasal with his Persian Muslim wife Ruhaani Bai.Mastani is often referred to as Bajirao's concubine or mistress, but she was his lawfully wedded wife.

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Bajirao's son, Balaji, also tried to coerce Mastani into leaving his father, but she refused.

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