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"There’s still a good relationship there," Raven-Symoné insisted.

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"Everyone was torn with the decision — who should it be? "They were high school sweethearts, but things change.

I’ve always found Raven’s relationship with Devon interesting. People marry their high school sweethearts and then they grow up and things change and they get divorced and things are good because there's still friendship there," Raven explained.

A show about recently divorced Raven and Chelsea moving in together to raise their kids together under one roof already sounds like your new favorite show.At first, the girls are forced to play with each other as their Master watches.They suck and tongue each other pussy's and assholes.But despite the duo claiming that living in the pre-modern hut for the past two years has completely restored her health - they have been told they have to leave the construction.North Devon Council issued the enforcement notice to remove the home as it does not have planning permission.

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