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Let me start out by saying that 'lustreware' is not a type of pottery at all.Rather it is a type of decoration which can be applied to any piece of pottery.So the identical transfer design might appear upon pieces produced by different potteries.But by what process an image on a copper plate was transferred to the face of a piece of pottery, I could not for a long while, explain.

The origins of the 'lustring' technique go back many centuries.There is a site here by 'Antiques Digest' which explains what 'transfer printing' is all about.And I have located other words which further explain the process also.Those techniques came into usage in England in the very early years of the 19th century.Now 'Sunderland lustreware' so often features images of places, ships, people & verses, and I understand that such images were applied by means of a transfer. So a lustre piece would so often incorporate transfer printing as well. I read that the designs were created on copper plates, which plates often became owned by other potteries when a pottery failed, moved or was purchased.

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